At IMAGO we have decided to help.


We have made a commitment to help those in need. Therefore, when you buy any Imago item online, you will help 2 people in Africa have access to clean water for 1 year. Yes, it is true – for every sale we make on the website, Thirst Project will receive 1€ and will be one step closer in guaranteeing access to water, for more communities like Juliet’s.

We hope you can join us in this mission.

She lost her husband and two children to AIDS, a disease that also affects her. Today she takes care of 8 local children who have been orphaned by the disease. Before she met the Thirst Project team, Juliet walked a distance of more than two soccer fields whenever she needed water for herself and her family. In addition to the distance, it was a dirty, unprotected spring shared with animals.

In 2010 Thirst Project built a borehole in his community, and today none of the residents of the Masundvwini community have to walk to fetch water. Our mission is to make water accessible to everyone, without obstacles.