We are committed workers and entrepreneurs. A group of fearless adventurers always looking to break barriers that not every one of our generation is willing to break.

IMAGO was founded in 2017 by Frederico. He was inspired to create a unique and trendy T-shirts concept based on images (IMAGO means image in Latin).

He quickly understood that building synergies with designers and exploring the colors and patterns, would widen the brand's reach. While lining up the brand with a young spirit, genuinely adventurous, IMAGO progressively got its value and market positioning recognized by its target audience.


We want to escape the routine and the hassle of the monotony. We abandon our comfort zone and accept the laws of the adventure.

We aim to surpass the communicative, religious and cultural barriers and demonstrate that no matter how different those barriers are, we are all made of the same fiber.

More than a brand, IMAGO is a lifestyle committed to inspire a generation.