Meet White Stamp

Meet White Stamp

Meet White Stamp


Have you ever realized that you have too many clothes that you just don’t wear anymore?


Clothes that are just standing there, occupying space in your closet?

For our first article we wanted to share with you the story of two entrepreneurs that found a creative solution to fight textile waste. Marta Rito and Pedro Santos created White Stamp: a platform where customers can sell their old clothes and earn credit to buy new clothes at partner brands.

At IMAGO we wanted to be a part of a new generation of brands that encourage sustainable ways of consumption, so we partnered with them and we’re finally getting to talk to them on a more personal level and find out their motivations behind this amazing project!


Let’s get to know them, shall we?


1- How would you describe White Stamp?

“White Stamp is a resale as a service platform that connects brands and consumers in the fight against textile waste. How do we do that? Through a program called Sell 1 Buy 1, where we merge the resale experience with the purchasing process. Customers can now trade their pre-loved items for credit to spend on their favorite fashion brands!”


2- What inspired you to start this project?

“Two things inspired us to start this project: Firstly, our personal needs we had our wardrobes full of items we were no longer using, they were in perfect wearable conditions, but the process to sell them was extremely time consuming (taking pictures, describing the products in detail, negotiating with potential buyers and so on).

That’s why we decided to embark on the adventure to find a simple, fast and secure way to find a solution for our unwanted fashion items! Secondly, a purpose we are part of a generation that wants to add value and do better than what was done in the past. Luckily, we now have the knowledge and the tools to do it, so it would be almost irresponsible not to try! We have been incredibly fortunate to meet people along the way, like IMAGO, we believe in the same principles, and this is how we can make a difference, through collaboration.



3- How do you feel about the current sustainable movement in the fashion sector in Portugal?


“We believe we are definitely past the “innovators” stage and are now in the “early adopters” phase. We are moving away from using sustainability as a ‘nice to have’ concept in our brands, to something that is absolutely vital. Most new brands have this way of thinking built in their DNA and we are confident this movement will only grow stronger. There’s still a lot of work to be done across all stages of the chain, but we should be looking at it as opportunities.


4- On a more personal note, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


“We love being with friends, laughing, telling stories and travelling. Meeting new cultures, new people, having new experiences is critical for our personal growth and that reflects on everything else we do.


5- To make a small connection to IMAGO, we would like to know what is your favorite item from our brand!

“We love the Salmon Pink Sweatshirt, but the new shirts are definitely a step in the right direction! What we think IMAGO does extremely well is to bring their team’s vibe into everything they do and consumers feel and love that! Congrats ;)”


We hope you get an idea of the importance of companies such as White Stamp to better our consumption habits!

We are so proud to work with them towards the development of a more sustainable fashion industry. How do you fight waste in your everyday life?


Share your thoughts with us!

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