Meet Trend Circle

Meet Trend Circle

As you might know by now, IMAGO does its best to promote sustainable innovation and a circular economy.


So, in this month’s article we want to share with you the story of Rita and Francisca, the creators of Trend Circle. The entrepreneurs describe it as “an online platform that allows its customers to buy, sell and rent pre-owned luxury and premium products (clothing, shoes and accessories).

According to them, “Trend Circle is the ideal brand for anyone who dreams of having a diverse closet or who desires to earn money by selling or renting his/her products. It is also the perfect solution for everyone who looks for quality products at lower prices. It is possible to find items with discounts of up to 90% of the original value.


We asked them a series of questions to better grasp their fascinating essence and of their project. Keep reading to get to know them!


1- What inspired you to start this project?

“We have been friends since 2015 and we always dreamed of having our own business. We both love fashion, and the idea arose from our passion for this industry and our desire to make it more ecologically sustainable. Also, we believe that second-hand is a growing market, and studies state that it will be even higher than fast fashion in the future.




2- As this has been a hot topic among a younger generation of entrepreneurs, how do you feel about the current sustainable movement in the fashion sector in Portugal?

We are very happy and proud to see that many brands are committed to reduce their ecological footprint. We try to do our part by choosing wisely our materials of packaging and our partners, and our business model itself is focused on the circular economy. However, not only companies should do their part, but also consumers need to change their attitudes and their minds. In our case, even though the second-hand sector is growing a lot, there are still many people with the stigma of wearing secondhand clothes and we believe that this sector can be a very important alternative to fast fashion consumption.

And we couldn’t agree more! It is not only brands that have to change their modus operandi, but consumers also have the responsibility to change their habits to keep up with the sustainable evolution of the market.


3- On a more personal note, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

“We somehow like to join our work and our free time, and we love treasure hunting! Going to secondhand stores and finding treasures is one of our best hobbies. Since we believe that it is important to relax and hang out together outside of work, we both practice padel. We also value the time we spend with our friends and family.


4- To make a small connection to IMAGO, we would like to know what is your favourite item from our brand!

“We love the concept of Imago and choosing just one favourite product was difficult, but if we have to select one it would be the FRIES t-shirt :)”




At IMAGO, we want to point out the importance of brands such as Trend Circle, created by two girls who are examples of innovation and courage. As young entrepreneurs we have a duty to support each other’s initiatives, especially if they are beneficial to our planet. If you’re interested in buying, selling or renting some of your clothes, check out Trend’s Circle website. Lastly, we want to ask our readers: what do you think are the benefits of secondhand clothing?

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