Meet Thirst Project

Meet Thirst Project


Did you ever opened your tap and had no water coming out of it?

You might not have had that problem so far but not everyone in the world has had such luck. As the water crisis is becoming one of the main problems worldwide, we decided that this was a topic that we could not deviate from. The shortage of clean water around the world is an incredibly complex issue and at IMAGO we take it very seriously. So, in order to shed light on this subject we decided to introduce one of our most special partners, the Thirst Project Portugal.

We confess to be extremely fascinated with this next interviewee: Constança Santos Silva is the president of the Thirst Project Portugal and one of the most inspiring young people we get to collaborate with. We wanted to dig a little deeper in her personal story and we’re pretty sure it will amaze you too, check it out!




How would you describe the Thirst Project Portugal?

“Thirst Project Portugal is an NGO that aims to end the global water crisis. The organization was first founded in the United States, in 2008, and brought to Portugal in 2019, after we learned that 663 MILLION people lack access to safe, clean, drinking water. More than just our mission, we are proud of the way we accomplish it: Thirst Project Portugal has a national team of 70 young people and teams in 50+ schools and universities all over the country, proving that age really is just a number.”

What inspired you to start this project?

“When I learned about the global water crisis, the first thing that shocked me was how little I knew about the matter. I couldn't let this slide and so I started to learn more and more, talking about it more and more. I saw people's reactions to the stories I was telling and, after Thirst Project invited me to bring the NGO to Portugal, I saw this quote from Mother Teresa: "Sometimes we feel like what we do is nothing but a drop in the ocean, but the ocean would be smaller without that drop" - Even if my impact ended up being small, it will still make a difference - And I said YES.”



How do you feel about the current management of the world water crisis in Portugal?

“Portugal is a country where most people are uneducated about the global water crisis, simply because it doesn't affect them yet. But "yet" is the key word. According to the United Nations, Portugal will have to start putting quotas on water consumption in 2040/50 due to the fact that a person needs 110 liters a day to live well, but an average Portuguese uses 187L. Water is more valuable than what it costs, and only when we realize that will we start to use it in a sustainable way.”


On a more personal note, what do you enjoy doing in your spare time?


“I hate sitting around and doing nothing, being bored is the worst thing in the world for me so whenever I have a bit of free time, I use it! I love sports, I practiced martial arts for 13 years and I find myself being drawn to sports whenever I can, especially in the summer! Other than that, I love going out with friends, reading a good book or spending some time just listening to music. I also love the countryside, so nothing calls me more like a good 4x4 route in the wilderness :)”




As we do to all our interviewees, we asked Canstança what is her favourite item from IMAGO and we were delighted to get this answer from her: “To be honest my favourite thing about IMAGO isn't a specific product, it's what the brand represents and the values that are so similar to mine and to the Thirst Project Portugal's. Of course, I love IMAGO's sweatshirts to use after a long day at the beach, but for me what sells the brand really is the youth and good vibes it transmits.”


This just reminds us of our common goals and shared values with the Thirst Project! We hope to have contributed to your knowledge on the water crisis and if you want further information don’t hesitate in checking the Thirst Project Portugal’s website. Finally, we want to hear from you what are some tips that we can integrate in our everyday life to save water, any ideas?

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